Online Spirale Consultations

In theses times of isolation, you can now enjoy your Spirale or Tarot reading via Zoom live streaming 

Online Consultations

Prior to a consultation, I will email you an image of the coloured bottles with detailed instructions telling you how to select your 12 coloured bottles from the 80 bottles in the range of colours.

Your colour selection will help you discover:

  • Your current purpose and direction.

  • Possible difficulties or blockages.

  • What, if any, excuse you may have for not reaching your full potential.

  • What opportunities you can open up to yourself by clearing any blockages.

  • Possibilities likely to arise for you in the future.

The cost is $50 for each Spirale 30 minute consultation. For an extra $20 you can also choose to include a mini Tarot spread for the session.

When we arrange a suitable time, I will send you a Zoom invitation that will link you to the session. They is no need to download the app, you just click on the link I send you and follow the prompts. I will send through step by step instructions on its use.