Feng Shui House Hunt - House #2

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

With house number 2, we kept to the same 'unexpected' area as the first.

It's a pretty and leafy suburb and house number 2 was even closer to the local amenities.

The entrance to the property (very important in Feng Shui) was a little hidden but there is potential to create a more open and obvious path to the front door.

The property has the most beautiful feeling and energy to it. It had only had one owner in it's 60 year history and you could tell that it had been a happy home.

There was an option to close off a thoroughfare and turn it into my healing studio in the Feng Shui areas of Abundance and Fame and Reputation - perfect right?? Alas no.

The in-depth Flying Star analysis of the property shows the wealth star is located in the sector that has the bathroom, toilet, shower and a bedroom. Look at the floor plan to see the missing and weakened sectors.

There are Feng Shui strategies to counteract these challenges but, unfortunately, this house does not have a big enough living/dining/kitchen area. So with a heavy heart (for me), we walked away from it.

Also, look at the photo of the exterior of the house, can you see the area where I am sure the previous owners parked their cars?

Having a garage or parking directly under a bedroom are is definitely NOT a positive. Toxins from car emissions leach up and through to the bedroom, filling it with silent and undetectable pollutants.

Unfortunately, the house we currently live in has the garage under our bedroom and the only way we can minimise the build up of the emissions is to make sure we never idle the cars in the garage. We also turn off the engines as soon as we park the cars and leave the garage door open whenever possible to air out the toxins.

So, in summary, the search continues...

Blessings to you all xx

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