Feng Shui House Hunt - House #4

House number 4 was lovely, but it was a stock standard home with no redeeming features.

I know what you're thinking - "You can add them later and to your own taste". While I agree with you, neither one of us were sold on the location. The house is situated in close proximity to a very large school and getting out of the street in the morning, during school drop off, would be a nightmare.

Another very important thing was that the front door was not visible as you came to the home and, in this case, we would have had to do some major design and landscape work in order to attract the positive chi to the home - and our budget doesn't have room for that.

I have spoken on numerous occasions about the importance of the front door (or entrance to a property) in Feng Shui - remember that it is pointless perfecting the Feng Shui inside your home if you are not attracting it to and into the property.

Aside from this point, the home had a weakened South sector, which relates to the sector of Fame and Reputation and, if I want to keep building my business, I really don't want to compromise this area.

Finally, the in-depth analysis shows that the Feng Shui of this building doesn't support the ability to make money. More specifically, people living with such a combination tend to go backwards financially and there is the increased risk of slander, gossip and theft - no thanks!!


Blessings to you all xx

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