Feng Shui House Hunt - What I see out and about: Thoughtful Design

Continuing on with the 'what I see out and about' theme while waiting for new house stock to come onto the market...

I recently went to a dear friend's (A) house for dinner. I hadn't been to visit for a while and, in this time, she had renovated, renewed, and repainted most of her home.

She has done a wonderful job of creating a peaceful, serene and well styled oasis and it's a beautiful space to be in.

To respect her privacy, I won't post photos but I just had to discuss her laundry area which is just a small sample of the level of attention to detail she has shown in her home.

Her laundry is a clutter and chemical free space and is located in the South Feng Shui sector of her home. A (like the good friend that she is) let me hone my Feng Shui skills on her home and, therefore, knows that this sector relates to Fame and Reputation and is a fire element.

On a side note, it is worth noting that fames does not necessarily indicate a career as it also related to the recognition you deserve and the attention you received for a particular skill or talent. When a home enjoys a beneficial South sector, recognition comes easily, friends and good times are enjoyed in the home and reputation (good name) is established.

I absolutely love, love, love the fact that A does not buy and store any toxic chemicals and washing agents in this space. Also, notice how she keeps the washing machine door and soap dispenser drawer open when it isn't in use? This is most important in order to avoid the build up of bacteria and/or mould in the machine.

Good design does not have to be complicated - clean and simple elements work a treat. And, of course, it is important to remember and take note of the Feng Shui sector and style the area accordingly.

What does your laundry look like? (mine, at the time of writing, looks likes it's been hit by a bomb!). Clear the benchtops and reconsider the toxic products that you may be using.

Blessings to you all xx

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