Using paint to refresh a room

We are currently and actively looking for our forever home. It is a time of highs and lows, but after some initial disappointments and setbacks, we have expanded our search to capture a much broader area.

In the interim, I have started some serious research on what are some of the things that will need doing prior to or soon after moving in.

Whichever home we end up with - clean or dirty - painting is an absolute must.

Painting makes a space clean, fresh and ready to make it our own. It is a magical tool that has the power to transform whatever surface or object it is applied to. A coat of paint will instantly refresh the exterior and interior of a home.

The most important issue regarding paint is sourcing on that is toxin free.

Did you know that many conventional paints may include formaldehyde, heavy metals and nasties known as volatile organic compounds (VOC). Those VOCs are released while painting and can continue 'de-gassing' for up to five years after your brushes have dried. Ummmmm, I'll pass on that thanks!

I've done a bit of online research and have narrowed my choices down to 2 brands. Pandemic conditions permitting, over the coming weeks we will personally visit the stockists and will then let you know which brand we end up choosing and why.

They are more expensive and we have had to increase our paint budget but the long term benefits to our health are far more important to me... So, it's back to the spreadsheet to perform some 'creative' accounting!

I look forward to sharing our house painting project with you which will include the ideal Feng Shui colour selection for each area.

Blessings to you all xx

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