Image by Daniel Watson

 Spirale Colour Therapy 


What is Spirale Colour Therapy?

We use colours every day to express ourselves, often subconsciously, through our clothing, flowers, home, furnishings, gardens, crystals and even foods. Having an understanding of the power behind the colours we choose helps us to make better choices throughout our daily life, guiding us towards our goals. 


By helping us to get in touch with our inner selves, the Spirale colours bring to light any emotional problems that might be blocking us from reaching our true potential.

Discover the purpose of your life and where you are heading – contact me to arrange a reading or to find out when our next training session will be.

I have the immense privilege of being trained by the creator of the Spirale system, Pascale Osanz, and early in 2018, became one of the first Master readers and teachers of this incredible modality.