Spirale Consultations


Use your intuition and let the colours guide you to the message you need to hear. 

Private Consultations

During a consultation, you will be asked to intuitively select 12 coloured bottles from the 80 in the Spirale range.

Your colour selection will help you discover:

  • Your current purpose and direction.

  • Possible difficulties or blockages.

  • What, if any, excuse you may have for not reaching your full potential.

  • What opportunities can you open up in your life by clearing your blockages.

  • Possibilities likely to arise for you in the future.







Group or Corporate Consultations

Colour reading parties are unique alternatives for an entertaining hen's night, birthday party, corporate event, fundraisers or just a night in with a difference.

Each booking is a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 6 and, with every 3 hours booked, the host will receive a complimentary colour reading.

For smaller groups of 5 to 10 people I offer 2 versions of hosted reading parties:


Collective Gatherings

  • Introduction to the Spirale colour system.

  • Group cleansing and protection.

  • Group discussion on colours and tarot.

  • Group mini readings.

  • Individual chakra balancing for each guest.

Hosted Private Readings

  • Introduction to the Spirale colour system.

  • Group cleansing and protection.

  • Individual reading and aura cleanse for each guest.

  • Individual chakra balancing for each guest.





Please note:

  • Colour reading parties are available within a 30km radius of the Melbourne CBD - travel costs may apply.

  • Some events may require more than one reader, to help determine this, before a booking please advise the estimated number of guests

  • The length of the readings will be determined by the time booked and the number of guests


Become a Consultant

Have you ever had a Spirale reading and fallen in love with the modality like I did?

We run training session throughout the year for those wanting to know more about how colours affects our everyday lives and for those wanting to become a certified Spirale Colour Therapy practitioners.

Bookings will resume once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted